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Julo simplify recreational activities management

As a recreation manager, most people probably think that your job is all fun and games. It is fun, but it’s also a lot of hard work. Julo can help you manage the workload, while improving processes you already have in place so it’s easy to get more people involved in your programs, leagues and activities.

With Julo's, you can finally get rid of those slow, manual workarounds and simplify your daily operations, saving hours of time. Julo enables you to schedule programs and classes, offer online registration, simplify membership management, Increase participation and more. With all data centralized and processed through one comprehensive system, you’ll have all the information you need in a single accessible place.

Publish your activities online easily

Get a professional look and the exposure you deserve with large cover image, formatting, marketing, publicity services and more.

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Simple activity management

Still handling registration on paper or just unhappy with your registration process?
Get rid of all the tedious processes with Julo.
Players and parents can sign up online whenever is convenient for them, and you won’t have to deal with piles of paper and illegible handwriting that has to be typed up into an excel sheet. Move members from one activity to another with a simple clic.
Online registration is faster, easier, and just plain better.

Comprehensive Activity Listing

Finding the right activity for the right person is a big job. But that doesn’t mean it needs to take hours and hours of time.
Julo makes the process easy and fast.
You can find what you are looking for with a few clicks of the mouse.

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Enhanced sales with Julo’s Market Place

You’ll look like a hero when you make registration easier and better. With Julo, it’s simple to customize online registration to be exactly what you need and then let the sign up process run on autopilot. You can set criteria for age groups and sex.
Parents will be happy to register online, anytime that’s convenient.

Effortless payment system

Watch your accounts groth while at home instead of chasing checks!
Accept payments 24/7 through our online secure payment processing system and stable technology infrastructure.

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Cash & Check differed payments

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Real time report & analytics

Feeling pressure to show the value of your club, but it’s takes a superhuman effort to gather all the info on players and financials to prove it? In less than half a minute you can produce reports, easily export and send it up to your board, state or national governing body.

In deep knowledge of your participants

If your Julo account has one or more than family members associated with it, Julo recognizes each one independently. This means you can buy activities from your account for different family member, and Julo treats the shared information as applying to the same account.

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Custom surveys

Collect any type of information with Julo surveys! This is by far the fastest and cheapest modes to collect the exact information and feedback from your members.

Single account

Si votre compte Julo est lié à au moins un membre dans sa famille, Julo les reconnaît tous individuellement. Ce qui veut dire que vous pouvez acheter des activités de votre compte pour différents membres de votre famille et Julo traite les informations partagées au même compte.

Real-time Analytics

Real-Time allows you to monitor sales as it happens on your site during registration period. The reports are updated continuously and each activity is reported seconds after it occurs on Julo.

Drive success with our reports & analytics tools

Which activities are top performers and drive the most engagement and conversion? See which ones is really paying off with real-time report.

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Members listing

List all your current and past members. See which one is currently enroll and how much they spend in your organization.

Sales statistics

See in real-time how much you sell of of particular activities or for your entire organization.

Activities listing

List all your current and past activities. Re-open last season activities with only few clicks.

Individual sheet

See all the members information of you organization, what they bought, how much they spend, etc.

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